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Event Etiquette.


Sort people & determine who is "interested", who is "not interested" and who needs "more info".

Add them to the next event group, then immediately TAG them in the "welcome" post. 

The morning of the event - send them a reminder with the LINK to the group ("Thanks again for being willing to check this out! It means a lot to have your support, and I can't wait to see what you think! Make sure you at least comment on the Giveaways, so I know you are seeing everything :) (then paste link)".

Immediately AFTER event ends - notate who participated and commented, and who did NOT.

Message EVERYONE that agreed to come, but did NOT participate: "Thanks again for checking out the event!! I'm so eager to hear your thoughts on everything. The event posts will be up for a few days, so when do you think you can look it over for me?"

Message EVERYONE that commented & participated: "Hey there! Thanks again for attending the event! I definitely agree, you would LOVE combo #1 (or referencing something else that they commented), especially since you are wanting to lose weight! Let me introduce you to my friend ________ (your sponsor)! You'll love her story, and she can give you more info."

Go back to EXPOSE page to see how best to go from here (closing them at an event).

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