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The Power of Duplication:

1. Define your Story – What is your WHY? Start by completing your LAUNCH document with your sponsor (see "Launch Your Business" page) so that YOU are "on-boarded" properly, and feel ready to begin!

2. Make a list -  (this list is also on your Launch document). Google search "memory jogger" in order to jog your memory and think of people in your life. The key is do not pre judge anyone! EVERYONE needs these products & opportunity. 

3. Create exposures to the Q Movement/ INVITE them to a TOOL, or to an event. Start out with close friends and family (your FAB 5) - then work your way through your list!

The purpose of this is to *SORT* people, and to determine who is interested, not interested, or needs more information. The goal is not to get everyone to say YES. That's not going to happen (you are going to be rejected, and told no). You just have to sort through the no's to find the yes's!!! 

Fall in Love with the Process

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.43.54 AM.png

Q Sciences has provided us with a "System" (a process) where we can plug in, and simply "rinse, wash, repeat". The key to this system is to not reinvent the wheel, but to find ways to make it YOU. We never want you to compromise who you are, but you also must face your fears and GROW in order to see success. If you want to find success in this business, you must be willing to do the things that people who have "gone before you" have done. It creates simple duplication in your organization. If there is no duplication, and you keep re-inventing the wheel, you will eventually hit a wall in your business where there is confusion, and no one knows what they should be doing.



Pique their interest in Q by reaching out in an ORGANIC way. Use phone if at all possible, use text / FB messenger as a last resort. Here are a few different approaches you can use:

1. DIRECT APPROACH: You need to see this.

"Hey Sarah!! I hope you are doing well!! I saw you guys were in New York last week, it looked like you guys had a blast!! Okay, so I wanted to chat with you about something. So, I've been taking new supplements and have gotten involved in a new business venture, & I can't shake the feeling that this is something you should take a look at. Will you do me a huge favor, and literally just watch a video about it, and see if you see what I saw?? If you think its crazy afterwards, I promise it won't hurt my feelings if you tell me no!! I just also don't want you to be pissed at me a year from now if this goes really well, and I never said a word! haha! Can I send it to you? If nothing else, I'd love to hear your honest feedback."

2. DIRECT APPROACH: Webinar invite.

"Hey Darci!! I hope you're doing good! Hey what are you doing Monday night at 8pm??"

(wait for response, and if they say they are NOT busy)

"Okay perfect!! I'm going to send you a link to this online event going on. My friend and mentor is doing a quick overview of the products my family and I are taking, and if nothing else, I would LOVE your feedback on it all!! Will you watch it for me??"

If they say YES - "Yay! Thank you so much! I will remind you the day of, and send you the link before we start!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!"


"Hey Andrea!! How are you friend? I hope you are doing well! I wanted to see if you would do me a huge favor!! I'm sure you saw I started a new business, and I'm looking to do as much market research as I can. If I sent you a video about it, would you watch it and just give me your honest feedback? I really value your input!"



If they say yes - GREAT! Simply say "Awesome! The video is about 25 minutes long, do you have some uninterrupted time coming up that you could sit down and watch it?"

If they respond a time - SET AN ALARM for that time, and screen shot the timer and show them!

"Perfect! I set an alarm so I wouldn't forget. I'll send the video over then! Thanks again :)"

When the alarm goes off: "Hey man! Is now still a good time?"

If they say yes - send the video, and then wait till its over. 

"Okay, so shoot me straight. What did you think?"

4. INDIRECT APPROACH: Online Event Invite.

“Hey Ashley!! How are you friend?? I hope you’re doing well! I was actually wondering if you would do me a huge favor! I’m sure you’ve seen I am with a new company, and I’m trying to do as much market research as I can!! I am having a little informational event here on Facebook Monday evening, just about the supplements I am taking, and our new Hemp line. I would love for you to check it out & just give me your honest feedback after. Do you mind if I add you??”

IF THEY SAY YES - "Perfect! Thank you so much! Here is the link to the group. Just click "join" and answer the questions there. The live videos will begin on Monday at 8pm within the group, so make sure you listen in for the giveaways! Let me know once you're in."


"Hey Carmen!! Quick question for you... what are you doing next Thursday the 21at 1pm?"

(WAIT FOR RESPONSE - if they say they are NOT busy)

"Okay awesome!! I am having a little get together at my house, and I was hoping you'd come by! Many of my friends and family members have been asking about the products I take, especially the new Hemp/CBD line, and so I'm having a taste test, and I also have an expert coming to chat about the line & answer questions. Will you come & check it out, and if nothing else get some free samples and just be there for moral support??"



Now that you have piqued their interest, and they have agreed to take a look (remember, at any point during this process - they may start ignoring you, or say no. THAT'S OKAY. It's normal, and they may be busy, or just not interested. Don't focus on those people, just continue the process. 

If they say no - add them to a list of people you can intentionally engage with and still be their friend.

If they start ignoring you - just follow up in a few days, and ask if they're still willing to take a look. If they still don't respond after ONE follow up - add them also to the intentional engagement list.

Okay, so now lets expose them.

There are many ways you can EXPOSE someone to Q. 

Webinar (usually an online "ZOOM" presentation - which is a video conferencing software).

Online Event (using our "Meet The Aligned Society" page - you can invite them to events we host in there.

In Person Event (these are the most powerful - invite friends over to taste a product, view an informational video, like a "watch party", or ask an up-line to come and present for you.

Video (a recorded video presentation that has already been done in the past that they can watch).

The KEY to utilizing these tools is that they are THIRD PARTY TOOLS (meaning anything other than YOU). Make sure you are not being the "expert" and that you have someone presenting for you, or hosting an event for you, or even that you are playing a video of someone other than YOU.

Here are all of the events that are hosted BY The Aligned Society monthly. We will have different events made available to you, but don't feel like you have to wait for the next one to expose people. Host your own event, partner with your up-line and ask them to host one for you, or even partner with a sideline friend and co-host an event together!

If there are no events going on, and you are unable to host your own, or no one can host one for should still be exposing people daily! Simply use some of the videos we have.



Now its time to take some pressure off of yourself with a few little "lines" that are going to SAVE your butt in the future!

This career comes with a ton of personal growth. You will also learn a lot about the products, the comp plan, etc.

However, do you want to have to wait till then to make any money?


This is why our VP of Global Sales, Jake Spencer says "if you want to be a good recruiter... get out of the way"!

It's simple really.

After you have shown them a tool, if they aren't interested, or just offer general feedback and don't show interest, or if haven't responded. That's okay. It may not be the right time. Go ahead and follow up with them one time, and ask if they've had a chance to check it out, or if it would be easier to look at a different type of tool (for example, if you invited them to an online event, maybe ask them to watch a video instead). If they still don't respond after that, go ahead and just add them to your "intentional engagement list" to maintain friendships with these people.


After you've shown them a tool, if they show ANY level of interest, or have ANY questions at all... that's how you know its time to CONNECT.

For example: if they ask for pricing, they ask about ingredients, they ask what the business is like, they ask where something is sourced, etc. etc.


Keep it simple, and be CONFIDENT. If you act weird about it, or are hesitant... they will be too.

Simply say... "Who we really need to talk to friend _______ (your up-line or whoever you are connecting them with).


Prospect watched a video and said "wow okay, thats interesting. I didn't really you had CBD. My son struggles with anxiety and depression, but he's only 8. Could it he take it too?"

YOUR RESPONSE: "Oh yea, I know a ton of people that give it to their kids and its very safe. Who we really need to talk to though, is my friend Kristen."

(now you edify them)

"She's my hemp guru, and knows a lot more about kids taking it because she gives it to her 3 year old. She also knows a lot about our newer hemp products because she sits on the advisory board."

(now you close the conversation - and don't ask for permission)

"One second, I'll connect us."


At this point - simply connect them with your expert via Facebook messenger (3 way chat), or a text message (3 way message), or if neither are an option, you can go directly to setting up a call.


Once you've created a 3 way chat, go ahead and speak to the UP-LINE in the chat, an give them as much information as possible. 

"Hey KRISTEN! This is my friend Stephanie. She watched our reveal video, and the full spectrum hemp caught her eye. Her son struggles with anxiety and depression, but he's only 8, so she wasn't sure about safety. I know you're a guru when it comes to this stuff, so I was hoping you could help us out!"

Then - SILENCE. Let your up-line take the conversation from there.


After you've connected them, go ahead and make a note on your follow up list that you've connected them. Then, be sure and keep in communication with your up-line. Remind them about the chat if they are traveling or out of pocket, and feel free to even ask them to follow up on certain days or times, etc. 

The last thing you want to do is panic if there isn't an immediate response though. That's okay. We don't want to come off desperate anyways, and we need to be respectful of our up-line / experts time.



After they have connected with your up-line, they may still not be ready to purchase.


In fact, did you know that only 2% of people actually purchase after being exposed once?


The fortune is truly in the FOLLOW UP.


Our job is to just continue exposing people to 3rd party tools.


If they watched an online event, ask them now to check out a video.


If they watched a video, invite them to an in person event.


The more you can expose them, while also maintaining a friendship and not being pushy - the BETTER.

Check out these statistics... we definitely have to be DIFFERENT! Partner with your up-line, or go to "Contact Us" on this website for more questions or concerns. 




Review the "Power of Duplication" document by Q Sciences for reference on the above information.

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