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Setting People up For Success:

As your new customer or ambassador begins their health journey, it is imperative that we stay in communication with them, and ensure they are set up for success! 

Add the following FOUR dates to your calendar:

Follow-up #1: 4 days after they sign up

Follow-up #2: 11 days after they sign up

Follow-up #3: 18 days after they sign up

Follow-up #4: 25 days after they sign up

Follow up #1 Examples:

Did your products arrive?

Did you try the pink drink?

How did it taste?

Did you receive my email?

Follow up #2 Examples:

How much water are your drinking?

Have you tried the pink drink w/ ice?

If I sent you a 3 day taste test of

the pink drink, who could you give 

it to to try?

Follow up #3 Examples:

Some notice bloating & increased

sugar cravings on the 3rd week. 

Have you experienced anything 

like that?

How often are you using the


Follow up #4 Examples:

What do you love about it?

Lets discuss the 3 products we wanted

to add in eventually!

Have you tried 2 pink drinks

per day?

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