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Prospecting: How to make an impact 

Fail to Plan = Plan to FAIL. Start your week off RIGHT by filling out our weekly checklist (click button to download). This will ensure you have a GAME PLAN going into your week, and that you can fit your work in no matter WHAT. The lists, dates, training & content planners are all under each item below. 


At the start of every month - print this document & begin adding NEW people you have not shared Plexus with to your list. Don't pre judge anyone. Just write names down. Everyone you know needs either better health, more financial security, more time, more purpose, etc. This list is evolving. You should be adding to it each time you meet someone.

Start inviting your list to our next information event. Message Example: "Hey Ashley!! I hope you are doing well! I was a little nervous to reach out to you, because I never want to be one of “those people”! Haha! But I was hoping you would do me a favor! ;) I am having a little informational event Thursday night here on Facebook just about the supplements I take, and some of our new products. I would love to get your honest feedback on it all! Can I add you?”



PRO TIP: Try to message people that are currently ONLINE (active user messaging). People are far more likely to see the message and respond quickly.

Did you know that it takes people 5 to 12 times of being approached about something before they are ready to make a purchase? It is our job not to give up on them, and to maintain the relationship appropriately (Click button for follow up tips & training).

Always look for new people to build a relationship with! Whether you join a moms group (on FB or in person), or meet someone at the grocery store - get them added on Facebook, or Instagram! This way you always have new people on your feed that you can connect with. 

Ditch the mindless scrolling on social media! It's time to start being intentional. Start CONNECTING by commenting intentionally (four words or more), and asking questions to keep the conversation going in the comments of their post! On Instagram, consider looking up hashtags and engaging with the people there. You can also MESSAGE people and catch up, or wish them Happy Birthday! Build the relationship by referencing something you've seen on their page, etc.

Begin sharing on social media about your personal experience, as well as testimonials of others! Keep it genuine, and avoid using the "P" word (plexus). Instead, create curiosity! Add value to others by sharing about things you LOVE & enjoy talking about. Whether that be health, fitness, cooking, wine, reading, family, etc. It can be anything - as long as it's you! You should be sharing about your experience, or another persons experience in 1 of every 5 posts. *CLICK THE "SHARE" BUTTON to see a video from Bob Heilig about prospecting on Social Media.*

PRO TIP: Not sure where to find testimonials that you can share? Visit our Testimonials page, and scroll to find a story that stands out to you. Simply say "I am blown away by Ashley's results! Great job girl", or share how you can relate, etc. Then copy and paste their story, and share the photo. 

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