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Leadership Development

"You can choose comfort, or you can choose courage... you cannot choose both"

When you achieve the rank of “SILVER” (adding 3 new ambassadors – either business builders, or wholesale/VIP customers), you will be invited to participate in our Leadership Development Program.


This program consists of four training phases where you will be guided through everything we do on a daily basis. Upon completing phase four, you will be equipped with the tools you need to guide and lead your team, and feel confident in doing so.

There is no timeline for each phase. Everyone is different & you can take all the time you need before moving into the next phase.

Before you apply to begin your Leadership Development Program, please review the criteria. If you feel you embody the "4 C's" (see below), then submit your application below, and someone will be in contact with you ASAP.


A leader that is a part of our Leadership Development Program embodies the "4 C's":

1.CHEMISTRY - These individuals have positive attitudes, and people, including their leaders like to be around them and work with them.

2.CHARACTER - They are honest and trustworthy.

3.COACHABILITY - While confident in themselves, they also acknowledge that they do

not know everything and come to the business with the humility that allows them to be


4.COMMITMENT - These performers consistently take action...not just words and planning.

Thanks! Message sent.

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