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Sharing the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

When you have someone interested in the business side of Plexus, of course adding them to our bi-weekly informational events is a great tool! They can learn about the products, and then see the Opportunity of a Lifetime video at the end. 

If there is someone that has already been on the products, and they are now interested in the business, send them the video below and ask for their feedback!

EXAMPLE: "I'm so excited that you are open to learning more! I know you could do this! You would help so many people, and we'd have so much fun earning an amazing income together!! If I sent you a video about our team, and the business, would you watch it and then we can go from there?"

This video can also be used for Dream Teamers using a "Market Research" approach message.

EXAMPLE: "Hey Kristen!! I hope you are doing well!! :) I am reaching out because I was hoping you could do me a favor! I'm sure you've seen I am with a health & wellness company, and I'm looking to do as much market research as I can. If I sent you a quick video about it, would you look it over and give me your honest feedback? I really value your input!"

If someone has seen our opportunity of a lifetime video, and they are intrigued, but not ready to take the plunge... invite them to our Weekly Training Page. This page is for YOU, but its also a GREAT place for prospects to see how simple the business is, and to see how our team works. 

EXAMPLE: "I know it's a big decision, deciding to be in business for yourself. Would you like to be added to our team training page to see exactly what we do, and what my leader trains us on? This will show you how simple it is, and how great you would be at this!"

Then, add them to our Weekly Training Page for a week or two. Follow up with them to hear their thoughts on it ("Were you able to watch Kristen's training last night? What did you think about what she said??"), then remove them after a few weeks.

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