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Welcome Email.

Send the following e-mail immediately after you sign someone up. The attached file is for TRIPLEX users:


"Welcome to our team!


I am so excited for you to try these products & I believe whole heartedly that you are going to see major breakthrough with these products! For your health, and your happiness! No matter what your goals are, I want to support you! 


I already added you to our support page on Facebook! This page has a ton of resources on it that will help you along your journey. From recipes, to work outs, to tips and tricks we’ve all learned along the way. Feel free to engage in that group, and ask any questions you may have!


You can find it here:


In addition, we have a team website that I would love for you to check out, and explore a little bit! We will talk about it more on our call, but you can go to: and visit the New Customer Portal. Password: "microbiome"


Please pay close attention to the attached chart with product instructions! Everyone is different, and we want to work you up to taking full dosages of our products! 


Make sure you stay in communication with me, and I can make sure you feel comfortable AND see results! I can't wait for our call on____________ where I will go over how to take your products in detail, and answer any questions you might have.


I could not be more proud of you for taking this huge step for your health!! This is the beginning of something amazing, and I promise you won’t regret it."

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